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Downlights and spotlights are silly and unclear?

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As the title, downlights and spotlights are two kinds of lamps that are often used in lighting design....

As the title, downlights and spotlights are two kinds of lamps that are often used in lighting design, and the two problems in the title are also very common. It is difficult for many people to distinguish between downlights and spotlights. They are not sure where to use in the home, and how to use them together, and the overall effect is different.
Generally speaking, the condensing power of downlights is stronger than that of ordinary surface mounted lamps. It is used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting, and the light is softer. The spotlight is more concentrating, and its light has directivity, which is used to illuminate specific objects to achieve the purpose of accent lighting.
One, look at the light source
    There is only one direction of the light source of the downlight, which is the downward illumination. The light source inside can be incandescent bulbs or energy-saving lamps. The light color of incandescent lamps is yellow, and energy-saving lamps have white or yellow light.
The light source direction of the spotlight can be adjusted arbitrarily, and household spotlights generally use quartz bulbs or lamp beads. Quartz bulbs are generally only equipped with yellow light.
Second, look at the location
    Generally, downlights are embedded in the ceiling, but there are also external surface-mounted downlights. Installing downlights in areas without chandeliers can not only achieve basic lighting, but also enhance the atmosphere.
    There are many ways to install spotlights, which can be track-mounted, point-mounted or built-in, and so on. Generally, spotlights will have transformers. The halo produced by the spotlight has a good decorative effect, and can well emphasize the decorative painting of the facade, etc.
Three, look at the price
    At the same grade, spotlights are more expensive than downlights. There are generally three sizes of downlights: large (5 inches), medium (4 inches), and small (2.5 inches). At present, the price of small size in the market ranges from 25-15 yuan, medium size is between 28-32 yuan, and large size is between 36-48 yuan. These are all without light source. There are two types of downlights: horizontal plug and vertical plug. The horizontal plug of the same material is more expensive than the vertical plug.