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Is it better to install a chandelier or a ceiling lamp in the living room?

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The living room is generally the main place where the family meets guests and the family rests, so the decoration of the ....

The living room is generally the main place where the family meets guests and the family rests, so the decoration of the living room becomes very important. Is it better to install a chandelier in the living room or a ceiling light? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
Chandelier: The chandelier is a lighting lamp for high-end decoration on the indoor ceiling. All hanging lamps are called chandeliers, divided into single head chandeliers and branch chandeliers. The chandelier cannot be hung too short during the installation process, which obstructs people's normal vision and makes people feel dazzling.
Ceiling light: a type of light that is installed inside the house, the upper part is relatively flat, it is only installed against the roof, and is adsorbed on the roof. Light sources include ordinary white bulbs, fluorescent lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, etc.
The advantages and disadvantages of chandelier:
    Advantages: beautiful, beautiful, fashionable, and diverse. You can choose the style of chandelier for family decoration, which will highlight the style characteristics. A nice chandelier is also a beautiful scenery in the home.
Disadvantages: The chandelier cannot be installed in a room with a low room height. If installed, it will give people a sense of depression. Cleaning up is more troublesome. The price is also more expensive.
    The advantages and disadvantages of ceiling lights:
Advantages: It can be directly installed on the ceiling, easy to install, simple and generous in style, giving the space a clear and bright feeling. Some rooms are low in height and use ceiling lights to avoid the feeling of space depression. The light distribution is relatively uniform. Maintenance and cleaning are relatively simple. High cost performance.
Disadvantages: Ceiling lights cannot be installed on some flammable materials. If they are installed on flammable materials, it is very likely to cause a fire. The ceiling lamp of the incandescent lamp tube is easy to generate heat.
    Both chandeliers and ceiling lights have their own advantages, but the editor prefers the fashion of ceilings. I think the living room is a place to meet guests and must be beautifully decorated. Of course, the ceiling lamp is also very beautiful, but my personal opinion is different.